Key Pieces Of Information To Be Displayed Prominently On Beverage Label Design

You are feeling thirsty and you enter in one of the popular retail stores in your locality to pick up a tasty drink from the shelf and quench your thirst. The only problem is you have not pre-determined which beverage you are going to buy and you will make your decision only after having a look at various brands which are on display. This can be a bit confusing when you do not know beforehand what are you going to buy. However, you are not alone and nearly 60 percent of purchasers make their purchasing decision on the spot. So,what makes you and other shoppers pick one beverage over another? Is it Beverage Label Design or an overall product packaging design that helps you to make your final purchasing decision?

Beverage Label Design

It is important to note that as a food product and beverage manufacturer, you just cannot afford to simply put your brand name on the label and hope that it will do wonders even if does not contain vital pieces of information which is made mandatory by FDA(Food and Drug Administration). By doing this, not only you run into trouble with law but also face an outright rejection of your beverage by potential customers. If you want to ensure that your Beverage Label Design is legally approved, it is of paramount importance that it should highlight key pieces of information which are as following.

  • Name Of The Product: This is the basic requirement of any label design. It should mention the name of the product so that customers can recognize it and identify it with your brand.
  • Net Weight or Quantity Contained In The Package: Customers should know that what is the net weight/quantity of the product they are considering to buy. For example, a beverage label has mentioned on it the quantity contained in the package in terms of ml or liters.
  • Name and Address Of Manufacturer: Food and beverage label should accurately mention both the name and address of the manufacturer, including street address and zip code.
  • A List Of The Ingredients: Whether it is a food product or beverage, consumers must know what ingredients are used in its making.

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